Using the Advance Decline Line For Swing Trading

tradeyourchart | January 10, 2022

Different Approach To Stock Market Trend Analysis When traders first start out they typically follow the standard approach to stock market trend analysis. Most traders rely on basic indicators such as moving averages and oscillators to determine if the stock market is trending, how strong the current trend is and whether or not the market […]

Three Candlestick Patterns Investors Need to Understand

tradeyourchart | January 2, 2022

Candlestick patterns may have some odd names. Abandoned baby bottom, three black crows, dark cloud cover, for example. But these are some of the most powerful tools you can add to your strategy, including these three. Candlestick Pattern No. 1 – The Doji Cross Doji crosses are a sign of indecision of bulls and bears. […]

How to Spot Potential Breakout Opportunities

tradeyourchart | December 25, 2021

Great traders will always go where the action is. Volatility, momentum, new highs, and liquidity are some of the key traits they’ll look for. Other times, there’s a fundamental reason for the break, including news, or event that’ll draw even more traders in. Just what is a breakout, though? A breakout occurs when a price clears […]

How to Identify Flag and Pennant Setups

tradeyourchart | November 8, 2021

Once you begin to understand technical analysis, you’re literally looking at a consolidated view of the very forces of supply and demand – the two key forces that drive stocks. We’ve already discussed some of the most powerful and most used patterns, like Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracements, relative strength, head and shoulder patterns, breakouts, and […]

Trading the J-Hook Continuation Pattern

tradeyourchart | November 8, 2021

Technical analysts attempt to predict direction by studying past price action and charts. And understandably, there are critics. In fact, some see it a pseudo-nonsense. Forbes for example says it’s fundamentally flawed. Legendary investors such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch agree. Buffett has said he “realized that technical analysis didn’t work when I turned the […]

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